PROFIBUS protocol PLC Programming

1, the three main parts of the PROFIBUS protocol:

PROFIBUS DP (Distributed I / Os): the master and slave stations using a round-robin of communication, mainly used in manufacturing automation system and field level communication unit.
PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation): Power and data communications via bus parallel transmission, mainly used for the process automation system and field level communication unit.
PROFIBUS FMS (Fieldbus Message Specification): communication model defines the master and the master station, mainly for system-level automation systems and plant-level data exchange process.

2, PROFIBUS network by the master, slave, network components, and the like:

Master also called the active node. Including SIMATIC PLC, SIMATICWinAC controller supports master function communications processor, IE / PB Link module and ET200S / ET200X master module
Typical slave sensors, actuators and drives. Not authorized to have access from the bus station.
PROFIBUS transmission speed of 9.6 / 19.2 / 93.75 / 187.5 / 500 / 1500Kbit / s and 3/6 / 12Mbit / s.
The maximum number of nodes 127 (address 0-126).