S7-200PLC structure

1. Status indicator (LED) displays the CPU‘s job status.
SF–System Fault (System error)
2. Memory cards can be inserted memory card
3. Communication interface can be connected RS-485 communications cable
_ EMBED PBrush ___
4. Top cover bottom for output terminals and the PLC power supply terminal. Running from the top of the output terminal terminal block cover beneath a row of led displays, ON state of indicator lights.
_ EMBED PBrush ___
5. Below the bottom terminal cover for input and sensor power supply terminals. Running from the bottom terminal of input terminal cover above a row of led displays, ON state of indicator lights.
6. Front cover the following run, stop switch and interface module socket. Will switch to the stop position, the PLC is stopped, you can write the program. Will switch to the run position, PLC is running, you cannot write the program. To switch to the monitor (Term), you can run the program, and can also monitor the status of programs run. Interface socket for connecting expansion modules, implement I/O extension.

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