Siemens S7 series PLC types And application software

Germany Siemens (SIEMENS) produced by application of programmable logic controller in China is quite extensive, in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, printing production line are used. Siemens (SIEMENS) PLC of company products including LOGO,S7-200,S7-300,S7-400, industrial network, HMI HMI, industrial control software.
PLC Siemens S7 series of small size, speed, standardization, network communication capabilities, more powerful, more reliable. S7 PLC products can be divided into micro-PLC (S7-200), PLC small-scale performance requirements (such as S7-300) and PLC, high performance requirements (such as S7-400).

S7-200 PLC is the ultra small PLC, it applies to all walks of life, on various occasions in the detection, measurement and control. Power of S7-200 PLC to run stand-alone or connected network can achieve complex control functions.
S7-200 PLC offers 4 different basic models and 8 types of CPU available.

S7-300 is a modular mini PLC system, with moderate performance requirements of the application. Various combinations of separate modules for a wide range of different requirements of the system. Compared with the S7-200 PLC, S7-300 PLC has a modular structure with high-speed (0.6-0.1US) speed of instructions using floating point arithmetic more effectively to achieve a more complex arithmetic; a user-friendly software tool with a standard user interface for all modules for parameter assignment; within a convenient way of human-machine interface has been integrated in the S7-300 operating system, interactive programming requirements significantly reduced. SIMATIC human machine interface (HMI) getting data from S7-300, S7-300 according to the refresh rate of the data specified by the user. S7-300 operating system automatically to processing data of transfer; CPU of intelligent of of diagnosis system continuous monitoring system of function whether normal, and records errors and special system event (for example: timeout, module replaced, and so on); multilevel password protection can using user height, and effective to protection its technology confidential, prevent without allows of copy and modified; S7-300 PLC has operation way select switch, operation way select switch like key as can pulled out, dang key pulled out Shi, You can’t change mode of operation, thus preventing illegal delete or overwrite the user program.

With powerful communication capabilities, S7-300 PLC programming software Step7 user interface provides communication configuration feature, which makes configuration easy and simple. S7-300 PLC has a variety of different communication interfaces, and through a variety of communications processors to connect the as-I bus interface bus and industrial Ethernet system serial communications processor is used to connect to a point-to-point communication system multi-point interface (MPI) integrated in the CPU, used to connect a programming device, PC, human machine interface systems and other automated control systems such as SIMATIC S7/M7/C7.

S7-400 PLC is used in high-end performance range of programmable controllers.
S7-300 modular PLC fanless design, durable and reliable, while a variety of levels (functional escalation) of the CPU, and is equipped with a variety of templates for common functionality, which enables the user to combine different dedicated systems as needed. When expansion or upgrade of control system, as long as appropriate to add the template, will be able to upgrade the system to fully meet your needs.

4. Industrial communication networks
Communications network is the backbone of automation systems, Siemens totally integrated automation platform provides the network from the control level to the field-level consistency newsletters SIMATIC NET” is the General term for all network series, they can be in different parts of the plant, different station and Exchange data through different levels of automation, standard interfaces and are fully compatible with each other.

5. Human-machine interface (HMI) hardware
Use with PLC HMI hardware, provide data, graphics and event displays for users, mainly text operator panel TD200 (Chinese), PO3,OP7,OP17; OP27,OP37 graphics/text operator panel, touchscreen operator panel TP7,TP27/37,TP17A/B; PC670 SIMATIC Panel. Personal computer (PC) can also be used as HMI hardware. HMI Hardware require software (such as a ProTool) configuration to use with PLC.

6.SIMATIC, S7 software
Siemens industrial software is divided into three different categories:
(1) programming and engineering tools include all programming and engineering tools based on PLC or PC for programming, configuration, simulation and the tools required to maintain control. STEP 7 SIMATIC S7 standard package is for S7-300/400,C7 PLC SIMATIC WinAC and product configuration based on PC control programming and maintaining project management tools, STEP 7-Micro/WIN S7-200 series is running on a Windows platform of PLC programming, online simulation software.

(2) PC based control software based on WinAC PC control system allows you to use a personal computer as a programmable logic controller (PLC), the user running the program, running on Windows NT4.0 operating systems are installed the SIMATIC IPC or any other commercial aircraft. WinAC provides two PLC, is a softPLC, running on the user‘s computer as a Windows task. The other is slot PLC (a PC card that is installed on the user‘s computer), it has all functions of PLC hardware. WinAC and SIMATIC S7 series processors are fully compatible, uniform SIMATIC programming tools programming (STEP 7), the program can be run on WinAC, can also run on the S7 series processors.

(3) the HMI software automation project for the user interface software provides human-machine interface (HMI) or SCADA system, supports a wide range of platforms. Human-machine interface software, there are two, one is applied to the machine-level winccflexible, and the other is used to monitor levels of WinCC.

Winccflexible applies to the majority of HMI hardware configuration from the operator‘s Panel to a standard PC can be integrated in the winccflexible effectively complete configuration in STEP 7. Winccflexible for standard PC configuration and all Siemens HMI product, winccflexible not only the configuration software, its monitoring system running version for the Windows platform.

WinCC is a truly open, for the supervisory control and data acquisition SCADA (Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition) software that can run on any standard PC. WinCC simple operation, high reliability, integration with STEP 7 features, hardware failures can be directly into the PLC system, project development time savings. Its design is suitable for a wide range of applications, can be connected to the already existing automation environments, there is a lot of communication interfaces and comprehensive information and data processing capabilities, the latest WinCC5.0 support via IE browser dynamic monitoring of production processes in the Office.