Siemens S7-300/400 PLC Closed-loop control module

1, FM 355 closedloop control module
FM 355 closedloop control channel 4, used for pressure, flow, liquid level control, optimum temperature control and PID algorithms. FM 355C analog output is 4 fracture of continuous controller, FM 355 s is 8 digital output point step controllers or pulse. CPU FM 355 people after a disruption or failure will continue to operate, control procedure stored in a module.
FM 355 4 analog input is used to collect analog values and feed-forward control value, additional analog inputs for thermocouple temperature compensation. Can use a variety of sensors such as thermocouples, Pt100, thermal resistance, voltage and current sensors. FM 355 closedloop control of 4 separate channels, you can implement a custom control, cascade control, proportional control and 3component control, using several controllers can be integrated into one system. Automatic, manual, safety, follow, back this way. 12 for the resolution of the sampling time of 20~100ms,14 for 100~500ms resolution.
Self-tuning temperature control algorithm in m fast, starts automatically when the set point change is greater than 12% liberalization; configuration software package can be used to optimize PID control algorithm.
Defective CPU or CPU to stop working is controller can control independently. In: backup function set adjustable security settings or security control variables. You can read and modify all the parameters of fuzzy temperature controller, or online to modify other parameters.

2, FM 355-2 closed-loop control module
FM 355-2 is suitable for temperaturecontrolled 4channel closedloop control module, you can easily realize online automatic temperature control, including control of heating and cooling, and combination control of heating and cooling. FM 355-2C is continuous controller has 4 analog outputs, FM 355-2S is 8 digital output of the step or pulse controller. CPU FM 355-2 after a disruption or failure is still able to run.

3, FM 455 closedloop control module
12-bit resolution sampling time for 20~180ms,14 100~1700ms (associated with the number of actual use of the analog input), there are 16 digital inputs.

4, FM 458-1DP application module
FM 458-1DP is designed for a free closedloop attitude control, and 300 block of library functions and CFC continuous function chart graphical configuration software, with a PROFIBUS-DP interface.
FM 458-1DP basic modules can perform a calculation, the openloop and closedloop control, I/O and communication modules can be extended by extension.
EXM 438-1 I/O expansion module is an optional plug-in for FM458-1DP extension module for reading signals and output requirements. Digital/analog input/output module, incremental and absolute encoders can be connected, there are 4 two 12-bit analog output.
EXM 448 communications is the optional FM 458-1DP insert the expansion module expansion module. You can use PROFIBUS-DP or SIMOLINK for high speed communication, with a spare slot, you can insert MASTERDRIVES optional modes, used to establish a SIMOLINK optical fiber communication.
FM 458-1DP and some attachment interface modules, including digital input, digital output and program storage modules.