PLC Timer delay time extension

Timer has a maximum time of the time, such as 100ms timer maximum timer time is 32767.7s. As in the project delay time is greater than the value that you want to do, one of the most simple method is to use a timer relay, that is to start a timer time, time time to time, with a first timer normally open start second timer, and then use the second timer starts the third one, and so on. Remember to use a timer contact to control final control objects can be. The ladder diagram in Figure 4-5 is one such example.
Above using the timer timer time the long delay. In addition also can use of timer with registers with the long delay, as shown in Figure 6. Normally open X1 is in the working condition of this circuit, when X1 connected circuit.
The timer T1 timer T1 in the coil circuit normally closed contact, it makes the timer T1 every 10s through time, the ontime for a scan cycle. Every time the timer T1 C1 to remember one number connected to remember. And when you remember to register value and make its working object Y0, and begins from the X1 connected point set the delay time for the timer value registers on the set value. X2 registers the reset condition C1.