FX series PLC N:N network

FX1N series PLC respectively above the programming port cover plate removed, insert FX1N-485-BD Communications Board seats, according to the following diagram wiring N:N network.

· N:N FX series network features, among the PLC network communication without programming, can be realized through simple settings between each PLC status or the value of shares.

When wiring note shielded twisted-pair cable, at 300 meters without matching resistor.

The following three FX1N series PLC, for example, briefly the N:N FX series network usage.

Connect 1# from X0, the main station Y0 absorbs

Connect 1# from X1, 2# from Y0 absorbs

Connect 2# enter X0, then the stand Y1

Connect 2# from X1, 1# from Y0 absorbs