Mitsubishi FX2N PLC instructions- four-storey elevator control system

1~4 the stairs outside the request button, FU, FD;
1~4 floor SQ1~SQ4 floor signals;
In the boot button on the control panel signals;
Elevator door opening and closing limit switch.
Output signal:
Lifting light,
Elevator lift AC contactor KM1~KM2,
Elevator door AC contactor KM3~KM4,
The Bell.
1. upon the request 1-4 outside staircase and elevator operation status timely response:
Increase process, floor upstairs along the request, stop and open the door, otherwise no action;
Descent, floors downstairs along the request, stop and open the door, if not action.
2. Upon request of the compartments on the Control Panel, lift passengers to the appropriate layer.
3. Elevator travel time less than 10S, otherwise stop the ladder and alarms, notify maintenance personnel to economically disadvantaged.
4. Lifts open and close time of less than 3S.
5. Ladder on the door waiting for passengers, 5S closes automatically after.
6. If passengers open 5S press close button, the elevator door.
7. Request button to reset.