Mitsubishi FX series PLC constants (k, h)

State relay (s) within the PLC soft relay, and enter a relay (x) and the output relay (Y), there are countless on the normally open and normally closed contacts, if not step into the soft components can be used as General auxiliary relay (m). Total state relays within the FX series 1000, S0~S9 are mainly used in state transition diagrams (SFC) initial state, S10~S19 is mainly used in a State transition diagram (SFC) back to zero, S20~S499 is mainly used in a State transition diagram (SFC) of the intermediate state, S500~S899 and S900~S999 between power outages keep the alarm and signal.
The process shown in Figure 1 in stepper control if the start X000 is ON. S20 set ON, down with solenoid valve Y000 action. If the lower limit switch X001 is ON, then State S21 set ON, solenoid valve for clamping Y001 action. If the clamping action limit switch X002 is ON, the status of S22 set ON. With the transfer of action, automatically return to their original state. General purpose power disconnect, to the OFF state; and power outages to maintain state, memory power outage moments before the ON or OFF state, it can also run from the operation to begin in the middle.