Power off delay the PLC program of ladder diagram

Most of the timer of the PLC are connected to delay timer, timer start delay after the coil is energized, timing, the timer normally open, normally closed contact closed down. Timer coil power, the contact of the timer reset immediately.
As shown in Figure 5-9 to drop the delay program of ladder diagram and sequence diagram. When X13 is switched on, the M0 loop through and lock, Y3 coil is energized, the T13 not connected due to the X13 normally closed contacts disconnect the timing when X13 is off, the normally closed contacts of the X13 restore closed, T13 coils, begin timing. After 10s delay, T13 normally closed contacts disconnect the M0 return, Y3 coil power, in order to achieve disconnected from the input signal X13, 10s after the delay, Y3 disconnected time delay function of the output signal.