PLC control system design of the basic principles and main contents

1. design principles
In order to achieve controlled technology to improve production efficiency and product quality.
1. selection of PLC should not only meet the requirements of specification, you should also focus on technical support and after-sales service of the company‘s products. (Choose product)
2. to meet the control requirements of the controlled object.
3. meet the requirements of the premise, sought to make the control system is simple, economical, convenient operation and maintenance.
4. ensure the control system is safe and reliable.
5. taking into account the development of the production and process improvement, select PLC capacity should be adequate enough.
2. the design of the main content
1. preparation of technical conditions for design of the control system. General technical conditions to determine as a design task, it is the Foundation of the entire design;
2. Select electric drives and motors, solenoid valves, actuators;
3. the model of the selected PLC;
4. development of PLC input/output assign table drawing input/output terminals or wiring diagram;
5. prepared software specifications according to the system design, and then use the corresponding programming languages (ladder diagram) programming;
6. understand and follow the user‘s cognitive psychology, emphasis on human-machine interface design and enhance friendly relationship between man and machine;
7. design work, electrical cabinets and non-standard electrical components;
8. the preparation of design specifications and instructions;

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