PLC power supply module selection procedures and principles and other peripherals

1. Selection of power supply module

Power supply modules option only for modular structured PLC, PLC power supply does not exist for the selection.

Selection of main power supply the power supply module and power input voltage rated output current. The rated output current of the power supply modules must be greater than the CPU module, I/O modules and other special modules, such as the sum of current consumption, as well as the future expansion of the I/O modules and other factors; the power supply input voltage according to the actual needs.

2. Programming choices

On small control systems, or systems that do not require online programming, simple general selection of cheap programmers. Made up of medium and high-grade PLC system or need online PLC system programming, matching intelligent programmer for powerful, easy to program, but intelligent programming is more expensive. If you have an existing PC, or you can select PLC programming software, implemented on the PC programmer function.

3. Writer options

In order to prevent interference damaged RAM or lithium battery voltage insufficient reasons in the user program, can use an EPROM writer, through which user programs in EPROM, the cure. PLC or its programmer itself has EPROM writing function.