PLC control system design methods

Application system design
1. PLC control system type
F composed of PLC control system.
Fcentralized control system made of PLC.
F composed of PLC distributed control system.
F with PLC remote I/0 control system.
2. System operation mode
F manual operation mode.
F semi-automatic operation.
F automatic operating mode.
B system hardware design under
1. Technological requirements
2. Equipment status
3. Control function
4. I/0 number and type
5. Advanced System
Three programmable controllers of type selection
1. the CPU features
2. I/0 points
3. response speed
4. instruction system
5. type select other considerations
The choice of four input/output template
1. Digital input module options
2. Digital output module options
3. Analog module selection
4. Application of intelligent I/o module selection
Five system hardware design files
1. System hardware configuration diagram
2. Module statistics
3. I/0 interface and I/0 address table
Six power supply design
1. Power supply protection
2. Selection of power supply module
4. I/0 module power supply design
5. the system grounding design
6. power supply system design of programmable controller
7. cable design and installation

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