PLC architecture form and characteristics

1. Unit type
Unit features compact structure. All of the circuits it will load a module, form a whole, small size, low cost, easy to install.
FX2 series programmable controllers, extended by the basic unit cell four kinds of special adapters, extensions and product composition. Only the basic unit or combine these products to use can be.
Basic unit (m): the CPU and memory, will use the device.
Expansion unit (e): the device used to increase the I/O point numbers.
Available extension modules, in units of 8 input/output points. Also only input numbers or increased output points only, so that the points in the input/output ratio change.
2. Modular
Modular programmable controller with building blocks that make up the system, on a base plate, plug in the CPU, power, and special function modules I/O modules, constitutes a I/O point numbers a lot of integrated control system.
Features of this structure is the CPU as separate modules, inputs and outputs is also an independent module.
3. Lamination
Its structure but also a variety of units, CPU into independent modules, but without base plate installed, connected only by cable unit, and each unit can assemble in the layer stack.
FX2 series PLC unit is combined with modular structure of the lamination.

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