Method of FX PLC password crack

If you have a source, you just apply the PLC memory total elimination. Removal methods are as follows:
1. If you are using a handheld programming writer
When a writer connected with the PLC after selecting ONLINE mode, press GO screen you will be asked to enter the password, your SP 8 times, then press GO 3 times, so a fall, your PLC back to factory State, you again as long as the original program into the PLC.
2. If you use the FXN,DOS version above V2.0 software
In the MODE window 7,5,3 and then to screen option that appears above and down keys to select MEMORY ALL CLEAR”, then press Enter , so, PLC all internal memory will be cleared. Users will then sell to write original program to the PLC.
3. If you use FXN Windows V1.0 or higher software
First will original program displayed more than screen Shang, will PLC placed STOP State, again Yu picture Shang function function select column selected PLC, again selected PLC memory clear…, jumped out of new picture Hou, will three items option all selected, again by “Enter” key, picture will appeared “determine” and the “canceled” two select let you do duel set, at, selected “determine”, Hou by “Enter” key! the picture if disappeared has, also said the PLC has reply to factory Shi of State, you can again Writing program.

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