FX-2DA PLC analog output module

1. Overview of FX-2DA
FX-2DA analog output module FX series specific analog output module. Converts the numeric value of this module, 12-bit analog output accordingly. FX-2DA channel 2 output through the output terminal transforms can also choose any voltage or current output state. When the output voltage, output signals in the range of ~+10V, can be connected with the load impedance is 1k ω ~1M ω, resolution of 5mV, accuracy 0.1V current output, DC +4~+20mA output signal range, but not more than 250 ω load impedance at a resolution of 20 μA, precision 0.2mA.
FX-2DA analog module power supply DC24V, photoelectric isolation between analogue and digital technology. FX-2AD analog module 2 output channels, takes the basic unit 8 image form, namely 8 I/O points in software, in calculating the 8 PLC I/O can be calculated as outputs of the PLC.
2. FX-2DA wiring
FX-2DA the wiring as shown in Figure 6-30, analog output signal used in twisted-pair shielded cable and connection of external enforcement agencies, cable should be kept away from power cables or other wires may cause electrical interference. When the output voltage fluctuations or when there is a lot of noise, you can access a 0.1 µ F~0.47 µ f (25V) capacitor. For voltage outputs, should connect the terminals I+ and VI-. FX2N-2DA earth terminal connected to the earth terminal PLC main unit.