Siemens PLC basic classification

1. S7 series: traditional PLC product, S7-200 is for the low performance requirements
Small PLC. S7-300 is a modular-type small and medium PLC, up to 32 modules can be extended.
S7-400 is a large PLC can be expanded more than 300 modules. S7-300/400 form
MPI, PROFIBUS or industrial Ethernet, etc.
2. M7-300/400: the S7-300/400 the same structure, it can be used as a CPU
Or function module to use. Has the function of ATcompatible computer, you can use C,C++ or
Programming languages such as CFC.
3. C7 S7-300 PLC,HMI (humanmachine interface) Control Panel, I/O, communication and
Process monitoring system.
4. WinAC and standard Windows interface (ActiveX,OPC) that provides soft
PLC PLC or slot.

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