S7-300 industrial Ethernet

Communications processors are used for SIMATIC CP 343-1 S7-300 communications processor. Shared CPU communications tasks and allows other connections.

S7-300 by CP 343-1 and programmer, computer, human interface device, other SIMATICS7 system and the SIMATIC S5 programmable controller to communicate:

CP 343-1 communication processors installing in S7-300 DIN standard rail, can also be installed on the extension frame, via the bus connector is connected with the adjacent modules, no slots rules.

15pin dsocket is used to connect Ethernet; 4pin terminal block for connecting external 24 VDC power supply of industrial Ethernet RJ45 socket for fast connections.

Handle data communication in industrial Ethernet CP 343-1. The module has its own processor. Using ISO Transport Protocol TCP protocol, UDP transport protocols. Multiple agreements and PG/OP communications, S5compatible communications and other communications services. Transmitted through the ISO data communication interface can transport a maximum of 8,000 bytes of data.

STEP7 system network under different forms:

1 1 subnet (subnet)1 project (project)

2 SIMATIC S5 with other stations within one subnet

3 2 or more subnets (subnet)1 project (project)

4 1 subnet (subnet)multiple projects (project)

More than 5 more than one subnet (subnet)multiple projects (project)

6 subnet (subnet) connections (ISO-on-TCP)

CP-SEND (send) and CP-RECV (incoming) structures

CP-RECV (receive) the type and function of the Terminal parameters

CP-SEND (send) the type and function of the Terminal parameters