PROFIBUS Protocol and network

1, PROFIBUS Protocol has three main parts:

PROFIBUS DP (Distributed I/Os): between the master and the slave uses roundrobin method of communication, mainly used in manufacturing unit-level and field-level communication in automation systems.

PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation): power transmission and communications data across the bus, mainly used in process automation system oriented unit-level and field-level communications.

PROFIBUS FMS (Fieldbus Message Specification): define a communication model between the main station and the main station, mainly for automated systems process data exchange system and workplace level.

2, PROFIBUS networks from the main station, from the station, consisting of network components:

Main station is also referred to as the active node. Includes SIMATIC PLC,SIMATICWinAC controller, support the main features of communication processors, IE/PB link module and ET200S/ET200X module

Typical slave for sensors, actuators and the inverter. From the station does not have bus access authorization.

PROFIBUS transmission speed for 9.6/19.2/93.75/187.5/500/1500Kbit/s and 3/6/12Mbit/s.

Maximum number of nodes is 127 (address 0-126).