Multi-point interface (MPI) and global data sets

, multi-point interface (MPI)

S7-300/S7-400 network PLC via MPI interface, MPI network using global data (Globe Data) communication patterns can be for small amounts of data exchange between PLC. It does not require additional hardware and software, low cost and usage reduction.

MPI network is used to connect multiple CPU or device. MPI for RS-485, a multicast nature. MPI set the baud rate to 187. 5kbps.

Second, multi-point interface (MPI) global data sets

GD communications data structures

GD communications applications

1. Build MPI 1 hardware configurations

2. Set MPI 1 station address

3. Build MPI 2 hardware configuration, open the configuration interface of the CPU features, set the MPI 2 station address

4. Click Configure Network Configuration Web interface

5. Turn on global Options/Define Global data table Date

6. Generate and load global data to achieve CPU to CPU address

Send/receive data rules: 1 MPI station sent data can be sent to multiple MPI, 1 MPI receive data can only receive 1 MPI sends the data.

SIMATIC S7300 (1) station and the SIMATIC S7300 (2) control procedures.