LonWorks field bus

LonWorks is by United States Echelon launched by its advocates together with Motorola, Toshiba, formed in 1990 and officially announced. Using all 7 of the ISO/OSI model layer communications protocol, using object-oriented design methods, designed to simplify network communication over the network variable to parameter settings, the communication rate ranged from 300bps to l.5Mbps, direct communication distance of up to 2700m (78kbps, UTP). Supports twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber-optic, radio frequency, infra-red, power lines and other communication media, and the intrinsically safe explosion-proof products are developed, known as the common control network.

LonWorks technology to the LonTaLk Protocol is encapsulated in a neuron chip called a Neuron can be achieved. Integrated chip in the has 3 a 8 bit CPU, 1th a for completed OSI model in the 1th layer and 2nd layer of function, called media access control processor, achieved media access of control and processing; 2nd a for completed 3rd to 6th layer of function, called network processor, for network variable of addressing, and processing, and background diagnosis, and path select, and software timing, and network management, and is responsible for network communications control, transceiver data package,; 3rd a is application processor, implementation operating system service and user code. Chip also has a buffer that stores information to achieve the information transfer between the CPU and as network buffers and buffer.

Echelon‘s technology strategy is to encourage original equipment manufacturer (OEM) using LonWorks and neuron chip, develop your own applications, said there are more than 2,600 companies using LonWorks technology, in varying degrees, more than 1000 companies have launched a LonWorks products and further organize Lon MARK interoperability Association, LonMark certified development extended LonWorks technology and products. It has been widely used in building automation, home automation. Security systems, Office equipment, transportation, and industrial process control industry. In addition, in terms of developing smart communication interface, intelligent sensor, LonWorks neuron chip also has a unique advantage.