Difference between PCC and PLC, and IPC

Programmable computer controller, referred to as PCC (programmable computer controller), as a new concept in the mid90 in the industrial sectors, which is different from the programmable logic controller PLC (program logic controller) and IPC IPC (industry personal computer) of a new generation of programmable computer controller, Represent the development trend of industrial control technology.

PCC is developed on the basis of PLC, it not only draws on the strengths of all the advantages of PLC and IPC, but its advantage is obvious. PCC using time-division multiplexing in the operating system, so that programming can be a very flexible use of operating system scheduling management system as a whole, out of dependence on individual programs for hardware in PLC, which runs throughout the system, maintenance is of great significance. PCC model than IPC model has its own advantages, while IPC is powerful, user-friendly, but development of IPC mode cycle, enough field wiring flexibility, installation of large size or scalable and IPC mode is converted via an interface signal, interference is also a big problem.

PCC in the integrated PLC, IPC and mainframe advantages, provide a high level of control platform for the industrial sector. Design can provide industry-oriented specialization, standardization and modular software and hardware design, PCC can easily switch, analog design, flexible circuit adjustment and use of high-level language programming. PCC technology, in the world in Austria‘s largest multinational beijialai (B&R) as representatives, PCC technology has been successfully used in its products. World class multinational corporations such as Siemens (SIEMENS), General Electric (GE), Omron (OMRON), most recently by the development, in its latest product tracking PCC technology.