Difference between Panasonic PLC and Siemens PLC

Siemens and Japan have different input and output Panasonic, Japan Panasonic enter only x, output only y.

In fact, language is the same, that is different, both can be converted.

1. the programming of the software differences

Siemens SIMATIC PLC series offers a variety of programming software, mainly STEPMICRO/DOS and STEPMICRO/WIN; STEPmini standard package STEP7.

S7 PLC programming language is very rich, includes LAD, and STL, SCL, GRAPH, HIGRAPH, CFC etc. Users can select a language, if required, can also be mixed using several programming languages.

2. program structure

Program structure is used with the S7-3000 and S7-400, he has a linear programming, step by step programming and structured programming 3 programming methods.

FPI series programmable controller is Japan Matsushita Electric Company of small PLC products.

FPI programming software and instruction system

1. programmatically

NPST-GR offers 3 ways to programmatically: ladder diagram; statement table expressions and statements.

2. annotations

NPST-GR to I/O output relays and added comments, allow users to relay the corresponding device and relays use at a glance.

3. procedures for checks

NPST-GR can find syntax errors in the program and program verification

4. the monitor

NPST-GR can monitor the user program, and run the test. Users can check the status relay, PLC and registers, convenient for debugging and modification.

5. the system register settings

NPST-GR N0.0-N0.418 system register contents can be set, depending on the screen to select or enter the prompted information, simple and convenient.

Assigned 6.I/O and remote I/O

NPST-GR can be used for expansion board assigned to each slot on the host I/O and remote I/O address

7. data management

Data management is the ability to program or data files, for data backups, or before the PLC passed the staging data, both in the programming of applications as well as Siemens is a single bus, while Japan is Panasonic dual-bus;

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