What is PID dead zone

Dead zone: also known as deadzone width, control systems, some executing agencies if the action frequently, can result in slight shock, resulting in severe mechanical wear. From the control requirements, many systems also allow the controlled errors exist in a certain range. We allow the controlled size, width of dead zone known as PID;

Deadhow does it work?

Dang errors of absolute value is less than died district width Shi, died district nonlinear of output volume (that PID controller of entered volume) for 0, then PID controller of output component in the, proportion part and differential part for 0, points part keep not variable, so PID of output keep not variable, PID controller up not to Regulation role; Dang errors of absolute over died district width Shi, began normal of PID control

FB41, width of dead zone is DEADB_W”

The absolute value of PID deviation input = 0 |EV|< of DEADB_W”

Absolute = EV deviation |EV|>= DEADB_W”

For your question, I think that can be dead zone concept to address

You set dead zone to 0.5 in FB41 will be able to do your request value is 1.2, 1.4 set, deviation of 0.2, not regulation. Set value if 1.8, the margin was 0.6, began to adjust.