PLC program debugging

After the PLC program debugging through can only to users, or try to run. Field debugging to debug outline prepared in advance. According to the outline, step by step in an orderly manner.
When you start debugging, the device may not work, not even charged. Progress step by step power available with debug, boot, loading, running until the rated criteria. Specific process is:

First, check wiring, check the address. Point by point, to make sure that is correct. Not charged check is to check the line, more trouble. Can also be charged search, plus signal, depending on the electrical control system for conformance to design purposes.
Second, check the analog inputs and outputs. Input/output module is correct, is functioning properly. If necessary, check the precision of the input and output of standard instruments.
Third, check with a test light. If there is light on the control panel should check the corresponding led display. On one hand, see lamp is broken without, on the other hand checking logic is correct. Led is a mirror system, tuned it will further facilitate the debugging.
Four, check the manual and manual control logic. Complete the above debugging, then action can be performed manually, and manually control logic debugging. To view the manual control of output point, is there a output and the output corresponding to the action, then, every manual control can be realized. If you have any questions, to settle.
Five, semi-automatic. System can work automatically, the first semi-automatic adjustment can be achieved. Step by step while debugging. Until the completion of the whole cycle. Problems with steps or step, which steps or to address problems.

Six, work automatically. After the completion of semi-auto debug can further debug works automatically. To observe several cycles in order to ensure that the system can work continuously for a correct.
Seven, analog and debugging, parameters. Debugging logic controlled items mentioned above. This is a system test, going through in the first place. After debugging is complete, proceed to debug analog, pulse control. Most is selected an appropriate control parameters. Generally speaking, this is a long process. Be patient transfer, the parameter has to make choices, and then chose the best. PLC, which can be obtained through the self-tuning of PID parameters. But the tuning process, and take considerable time to complete.
Eight, completed all the above steps, whole debugging is complete. But it‘s nice to check for abnormal conditions. Abnormal situation hard to avoid illegal operation, alarm or shutdown protection. When checking an exception, must fully take into account the equipment and personal safety!