Mitsubishi Q Series PLC input/output module characteristics

Q Series input/output module with the following features:

1. Ultra Compact

Q Series input/output module is the world‘s smallest input/output module, its volume for long 90mmx wide and 27. 4mmx 98mm.

2. Multifunction

1) DC input module can change the input time constant (1/5/10/20/70mm), set by GX Developer software. When used according to interference and response time requirements to choose.

2) DC transistor output modules with short circuit protection function, this function can be used in short-circuit protected transistor against damage.

3) at rated voltage for AC100/200V module for external risk strengthening the function of insulation of voltage.

3. Good compatibility

Q Series PLC module 32, 64point connection on the plug shape and the same pin arrangement as the A/AnS series, you can use A/AnS series I/O modules plug directly.

4. Easy to maintain

1) plug-in wiring can be easily removable. Terminal connections throughout the terminals can be removed for easy module replacement.

2) when an error occurs in the CPU module, you can output to retain or eliminate each output module settings.

3) can be installed at the programming software screen to determine the configuration of the module, easy maintenance.