Mitsubishi PLC’s special features

(1) event interrupts

Modules and intelligent modules that are part of the network, you can interrupt requests to the CPU module. CPU module to use this feature, for programs and events of the scans are not synchronized (for example, network modules receive the specified data) will be able to make rapid responses. This way, you can remove the program from the execution of the program, so as to shorten the scanning time.

(2) to automatically inform

The RS-232/RS432 communication module connected to a personal computer when certain conditions are met, can automatically from the PLC sends data to the PC. In addition, in Ethernet, this capability can be used to automatically send an e-mail message. Using these features, you can quickly transfer information, without waiting for the queries of the PC

(3) self diagnosis

CPU module with self diagnosis error features. This function is called diagnostic capabilities. When an error occurs, system status bits, registers and instructions on the LED display on the CPU module, used to perform automatic error handling, Diagnostics designed to prevent misoperation of PLC and preventive maintenance.

(4) history

When the CPU module detects when an error occurs, error type, date, time, and errors are automatically logged to the error list and record, so maintenance personnel through the PC, HMI (human machine interface), network, superior SCADA system PLC program or use other methods, such as to view it.

(5) the remote password

Q Series PLC provides a remote password feature to prevent using the Ethernet interface module or modem serial communication module and remote users through remote access to Q CPU improper. Users only need to access remote password log on the right before the Q CPU, you can remote access Q CPU. Remote password can be changed or deleted by the CPU module.

(6) make full use of the Internet and a local area network

Q Series Ethernet module is equipped with the growing popularity of the Internet email functionality so that users anywhere in the world you can easily send and receive information, constructing remote monitoring and management system. Also, use FTP (file transfer protocol) server functions and the MELSEC Protocol (Mitsubishi Electric private communications protocols) are easy to download and upload data.

(7) the Windows CPU module

Windows Q Series PLC CPU module can be installed on the base plate to complete the PC/AT compatibility features that improve the data processing capability and communications capability of PLC, combines the PLC can work more closely with Windows technologies. Such as production planning and recipe management, record the data to the hard disk or silicon memory, in line with the SEMI (semiconductor equipment and materials International Association) network standard, SECS/GEM in semiconductor industry, communication protocols and Web server functionality, support for VB, VC + +, VBA and VBscript programming.

(8) in connection with the interface GOT

Mitsubishi GOT-900 series RS-232 CPU module, serial communication modules or the network connected to the Q Series PLC modules. If you use the express Q Series bus connection to achieve higher response.