Mitsubishi Q Series PLC timer (t)

Operation with the addition of the timer. Coil when the timer is switched on, starting today, the current value reaches or exceeds the set value, timing, contacts are closed. Timer, low speed, low accumulation, high accumulation of four, specifying the method varies. Cumulative timer even when the coil is OFF, can keep the current value when the coil is ON, once again, from the Save current values to continue testing. Normal timer implementationOUT t, OUT HTcommand, when coils are connected or disconnected, and perform contact ON/OFF operations update current value (END when ON/OFF does not update the current value and contacts).
Considerations for use of the timer:
1) 1 scans on the same timer not using multiple OUT t, OUT HTinstructions.
2) timer when the coil is ON, do not use the CJ command until skip timer coil.

3) not in the initial implementation, wait, cycle, using the timer interrupt program. The scope and timing of the specified method of the timer

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