Mitsubishi Q Series PLC file registers (r)

File register is used for constant data storage and software components for data register extensions. Standard RAM that can be stored in the built-in CPU module (drive # 3), memory card (RAM) (drive # 1) or on the storage card (ROM) (drive # 2). Among them, the memory card (ROM) in the registers are readonly. If you are ATA as storage card (ROM) is used, the file registers are not saved on the memory card (ROM). File register and the data register (d), when the power is switched on or reset the CPU module, stored values will not be emptied. Document registers a specified with the switch and continuous designation in two ways.
1) specified with the switch: the file register is used to 32K points (R0~R32767) unit of segmentation for the specified method. When using the above 32K when use the RSET command to switch block. (A RO~R32767 is used to specify the file registers).
2) specified in a row: use a soft element marked ZR, make files after 32K register in the case of having to switch block is specified. Multiple file registers can be administered as a continuous registers of documents.
File register capacity is not fixed. In order to ensure that registers the volume, please refer to the instructions for storage.

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