GX Simulator (SW7D5C-LLT-C )

GX Simulator software is GX Developer software package simulation software. In addition to the Q Series, this integrated software can also be used in a series, the QnA series, FX, Motion series CPU. It makes sequential control program written with the GX Developer software simulation can be performed on a personal computer, without the need to write in the PLC. And if GX Configurator also joined the intelligent modules package, you can make intelligent modules (a/d conversion, d/a conversion module, communication modules, etc) set the initial parameters and automatically refresh the status parameter simulation. The software features are as follows:
1) not connected to PLC, PC for writing programs in action immediately on confirmation.
2) to automatically determine the type of programs written in the PLC (MELSEC-Q/QnA/A/FX/Motion), start the corresponding virtual CPU.
3) through a simple set of inputs and outputs that can be mechanical motion simulation.
4) can be used in the design phase of the program to debug. Also, if Q CPU module and function (under control, you can write multiple programs running) in combination, you can debug in module units, improves the efficiency of debugging, can effectively reduce the adjusted time.
5) can support PLC basic and application instructions.
6) the simulation runtime, in addition to monitoring on/off status, the current value of the soft component values, also be forced on/off, change the current value, can also be expressed in the form of sequence diagrams on/off status, the display value, able to control the timing of the action.