The order of reading electrical diagrams

1. Look at the title bar and drawing catalog
Project name, project, design date.
2. See drawing general information
Sources of power supply, voltage levels, track laying, installation of equipment, the supplementary use of non standard graphic symbols, construction should pay attention to the matter. Some local problems is in the engineering drawings indicate, therefore reading engineering drawings to look at its design specification.
3. See system diagram
The engineering drawings contains a system diagram, diagram of power supply system of power transformation and distribution engineering, power engineering, power systems, electrical lighting, lighting systems and cable and television systems. See system map is designed to understand the basic composition, main electrical equipment, components, such as the connection, and their specifications, models, parameters, in order to grasp the basic overview of the system.
4. See circuit diagram and wiring diagram
Understand the principle of the automatic electrical system electrical equipment that can be used to guide equipment installation and commissioning of the control system. Due to functional layout of circuit diagrams are drawn, so when looking at figure should be based on the function relationship from top to bottom or a loop a loop reading from left to right. If familiar with the properties and characteristics of the electrical components in the circuit, to read a sketch will be a great help. In the control system wiring and commissioning work, can also be combined with reading wiring diagrams and terminal operations.
5. See floor plan
Plane layout figure is building electrical drawings in the important of drawings one of, as variable distribution station equipment installation plane figure, and profile figure, and power plane figure, and anti-mine grounding plane figure,, they are used to said equipment installation location, and line laying parts, and laying method and the by with wire cable model, and specifications, and number, and tube diameter size, is installation construction, and prepared engineering budget of main according to drawings, must read.
6. Installation detail
Installation detail drawing is in accordance with the method of mechanical drawing, devoted to a detailed table claw equipment installation drawings, is used to guide the construction and engineering materials planning important drawings. It is particularly important for first-time installation of officers, even indispensable. Installation detail used is the Atlas of national electrical installation standards.
7. See the list of equipment and materials
List of equipment and materials are used to provide the engineering equipment models, specifications, models, materials and the number of tables is to produce an important basis for purchase of equipment, materials and plans.