Read the basic method of printed circuit board layouts

Printed circuit board diagrams to represent the various components on the circuit board on the direction, position and volume. It can turn the circuit schematics and circuit board communication. Because can’t see like electronic circuit components on the printed circuit arrangement, therefore, more difficult to read. Reading printed circuit board diagrams you can use the following method to achieve very good results.
(1) integrated circuit, transistor, switching devices, such as the label for the beginning of pictures, this is because these components are less marked and prominently.
(2) large areas of copper foil is the ground wire and ground wire is connected on the circuit board. The metal housing of the switch is grounded.
(3) according to the characteristics of the basic circuits to find components. For example, the superheterodyne circuit, oscillation coil near the transistor is the local oscillator tube transistor is located near the output transformer amplifier tube.
(4) according to the circuit on a printed circuit board diagram marking to find it.
(5) draw out the reading direction. Use when the control printed circuit board diagrams and printed circuit board, printed circuit board layouts and draw the picture orientation on the printed circuit board.
When the printed circuit board and control printed circuit board is not exactly the same situation occurred, mainly in kind, and modify printed circuit board diagrams.