New metal decoration material titanium plate profile

Earth rich in titanium. Titanium metal is a new type of building material, in large buildings such as Hangzhou Grand Theater, National Theater and has been successfully used, this marked the beginning of wall era of titanium in the construction field.
Titanium plate are mainly surface high gloss, high strength, thermal expansion coefficient, excellent corrosion resistance, no pollution, long service life and good mechanical and process performance and other characteristics. The performance of titanium material itself is incomparable other building materials.
China National Grand Theatre near 40000m ² the exterior surface of the shell, 30800m ² is a titanium plate, 6700m ² is a glass curtain wall, as shown in Figure 7-3. Size about 2000mmx800mmx4mm more than 2000 pieces of titanium of titanium metal plate is made from 0.3mm plus 3.4mm plus 0.3mm stainless steel composite made of alumina. Special outer layer titanium surface oxidation treatment, chemical stability, high strength, light weight and resistance to corrosion. Titanium metal is waterproof 304 in turn within the Board to vertical stripes of aluminummagnesium alloy plate, glass fiber cotton heat preservation Board (16kg/m ), 2mm thick steel liner, liner inside layer spray K13 soundabsorbing powder (100kg/m ) and Interior mahogany ceiling.
Waterproof aluminummagnesium alloy has high corrosion resistance, especially under acidic conditions, the corrosion properties much better than steel and aluminum alloy plate. Interior mahogany is the fire protection processing the w 120mm, d 13mm (0.6mm mahogany veneer, 12mm multi-layer flame retardant boards), boardleft 30mm gap to solve acoustic problems and return.