General introduction to electronic devices

(1) the Zener diode. Zener diodes are made from Siliconcontact diodes, a stable DC voltage in an electronic circuit. In Figure 1-18, Zener diode in the circuit shown in Figure 1-19 typical applications and shapes.
Typical application of Zener diodes in the circuit

(2) the rectifier diode. Rectifier diode frequency suitable for public referencestate voltage lower VF (forward voltage) dispersion of small, very suitable for use in parallel. Figure 1-20 (a) below for common rectifier diodes shape; as in Figure 1-20 (b) for common rectifier diode bridge rectifier shown.
Rectifier diodes

(3) light emitting diodes. Light emitting diode is a semiconductor device of electrical energy into light, when its PN junction to certain currents, would glow. LEDs in a variety of electronic devices used in LEDs and a digital display device. Figure 1-21 (a) shows the shape of the light emitting diode; as in Figure 1-21 (b) shows the application of light emitting diodes in the temperature alarm circuit.
Light emitting diode

(4) the fieldeffect transistor. Fieldeffect transistor is a semiconductor surface effect of applied electric field to control the electric characteristics of Semiconductor components. It has three electrodes, namely, gate, source, drain d s g, respectively, and ordinary transistor base b, collector, emitter e corresponds to c. Figure 1-22 (a) shows the classification of field effect transistors;

(5) the phototransistor. Optical transistor PN junction is used for optical effects, optical signals into electrical signals in semiconductor devices. It has high sensitivity and fast response speed, small size, long life characteristics.

(6) the thyristor. Thyristor semiconductor devices is a powerful half flow, it has the characteristics of rectifier parts, more important is that it can control the work process, using lowpower signal to the control power system. Figure 1-25 (a), (b) shows the appearance and shape of the thyristor pictures;