OMRON-PLC programmable Terminal (PT) the basic function of

OMRON Programmable terminals (PT) is a main auxiliary equipment for field monitoring. Programmable terminals, systems and production processes can achieve real-time control, parameter setting and modifying, real-time alerts and many other features, can replace a simple programmer programming online. Here is a brief introduction of mediumtypical products of PT NT31/NT31C.
(1) screen display
PT can be generated through the support tools on a computer to display information (image data) and is stored in NT31/NT31C in the instructions under PC or touch switch operation, display data at NT31/NT31C.
(2) the receiving PC data
NT31/NT31C through the PC link or NT link connecting to the PC and from the host computer receives the data you need.
(3) the transmission of data to the PC
Touch input data with NT31/NT31C (switch on/off, numeric, String) can be transmitted to the PC.
(4) picture data
NT31/NT31C support tools available on the PC to display the picture data in the NT31/NT31C. NT31/NT31C with a RS-232C cable connected to a personal computer and data transfer to NT31/NT31C images.