OMRON-PLC programmable Terminal (PT) system menu operations

hen using the NT31/NT31C or modify a system program for the first time, follow the steps below.

(1) create a picture data
Use support tools create a NT31/NT31C image data, create picture data details, refer to the NT series support tool manual.
(2) start NT31/NT31C (display the system menu)
Power on the NT31/NT31C.
If there is no registration data screen will display an error message. In that case, an error message on the screen press OK” touch switch to display the system menu.
If picture data have been registered and established operating mode, perform the appropriate operation on the touch screen to display the system menu.
(3) memory initialization
If necessary, initialize memory NT31/NT31C via system menu operations.
(4) transfer of screen data
Connect support tools and NT31/NT31C, and through the support tools to screen data to NT31/NT31C. Details of the connection support tools, reference 3-2 connections support tool.
(5) set the memory switch
Select the system menu, sets the NT31/NT31C of the action (for example, conditions and PC communication) using the memory switch setting.
(6) begin
Connect to PC NT31/NT31C and started to operate.
(7) system maintenance
If an error occurs during operation, check I/O Reference Manual, settings, etc.

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