OMRON-PLC programmable Terminal (PT) distribution and allocation of functions

When using a direct connection on NT31/NT31C displayed on the elements and NT31/NT31C status bits and words can be assigned to the PLC. PLC controlled by changing the content and NT31/NT31C, or by pressing the touch switch on the NT31/NT31C sending data to the PLC.
(1) controlled by PLC NT31/NT31C
The following features can be controlled by PLC NT31/NT31C:
screen: Specify picture display, screen confirmation number, and so on.
Table II memory: to an in-memory table, copy from one memory to another in-memory tables, and so on.
lights and touch switch: display instructions display status confirmation.
system control: buzzer on/off, display/not display status, screen printing, and other NT31/NT31C.
(2) transfer from NT31/NT31C to the PLC notice
NT31/NT31C data, for example after pressing the touch switch and send it to PC. Transmitted to the PC of the following four types of data:
NT31/NT31C State of the current display picture number.
touch off.
using touch switch or reading a barcode numeric/string setting function enter numeric values and string.
in memory copy memory between tables change.

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