OMRON-PLC programmable Terminal (PT) data

NT31/NT31C digital memory table stored value can be displayed (decimal or hexadecimal). By changing the digital data can be stored in the memory table to change the displayed number. Displays the decimal number, displayed value the integer part and the fractional part of the number should be set in advance.
(1) display
The string is stored in the string that is displayed in the memory table. By changing the string data stored in the memory table and change the string that is displayed.
(2) digital inputs
Touch switches can be used in the PT, enter a numeric value. Enter values in the table can be stored in a digital memory and to notify the host computer.
(3) input
Touch switch can be used, such as bar code readers on the PT input string. The string entered in the memory can be stored in the string table and inform PC.
(4) the dial switch
Through the corresponding touch switch (+,-) to increase or decrease each digit and enter a numeric value. Input values can be stored in a digital memory table and inform PC.
(5) graphics
These graphic displays are based on numeric values stored in the memory table changes. Bar chart, line chart, chart three shapes. Bar graph displays the number in the memory table and transform the current values within preset values of -100%~+100% of the percentage value displayed; a line chart in the form of intuitive, sequence number value to the preset values of memory tables within the -100%~+100% of the percentage value displayed; trend chart that shows the digital memory table graphic and numerical changes with time. Converts the numeric value within a predetermined value -100%~+100% the percentage value displayed. Trends over time moved locations. Can also record data in the past, even when there are no displays a trend chart can be read (sampled) digital memory tables.
Users can be selected by pressing the touch switch stop sampling, duplication of data sampling or displays the past three display modes.
(6) the alarm list/history
Alarm memory list of list/history based on state changes to lists or graphics (image/data) display information.
Alarm list of memory table in monitored States and shows memory information tables set up in the ON state (the string memory table of contents).
Alarm history memory continuously monitors historic properties table is set, and record their connected (ON), and the number of connected and set information for memory tables (String) displays.
NT31/NT31C by setting the memory switches allow you to display the order was the latest record in the first or the oldest record in the former.

Alarm function is used to determine the current state which is ON the list. Alarm history function is used to determine when the alarm occurred in the past and times