New metal decoration metal mosaic description

In recent years, metal mosaics in a decorative surface, flexible use of various delicate geometric arrangement, can be used as a color gradient, or as other decorative material embellishment, elegance and romantic interpretation of the material itself most vividly. This stylish and edgy mosaics used in your full modern bathroom. General metal mosaic surface with a metallic glaze also close a layer of foil on the mosaic surface, above the Crystal glass. Former is a ceramic material, which is glass texture, both of which are more common, is not a real metal mosaics.
Real metal mosaic materials are pure metal, heavy metal mosaic because of its unique texture can highlight its distinguished style. Luxurious decoration and stylish metal mosaic of commercial space and more luxurious and trendy, no matter where the decoration gives a strong visual impact and allure; combined with environmental protection and radiation characteristics, making it officially became more and more people pursue high quality life in hot pursuit of the object, as shown in Figure 7-22.
Metal mosaic

Figure 7-22 metal mosaic
With the development of metal materials, metal mosaic process has been improved, and was widely used in architectural decoration. Metal mosaic particle size: 20mmx20mm, 25mmx25mm, 30mmx30mm, and 50mmx50mm 100mmx100mm etc.