Methods of protection and protection of metal materials

Reasons against metal corrosion, appropriate measures can be taken to prevent metal corrosion, there are several common methods.
1) change the internal structure of the metal. For example, manufacturing various corrosion-resistant alloys, such as adding chromium and nickel to steel, made of stainless steel.
2) protective cover method. Protective cover on the metal surface, corrosion around metal products and dielectric isolation, so as to prevent corrosion. For example, in steel parts surface coated Shang oil, and vaseline, and paint or cover enamel, and plastic, resistance corrosion of non-metal; with plating, and hot plating and sprayed, method, in steel surface plating Shang a layer easily was corrosion of metal, as zinc, and Tin, and chrome and nickel,, these metal often for oxidation and formed a layer dense of oxide film, to block water and air, on steel of corrosion.
3) chemical protection. Stability of steel surface of a layer of fine oxide film. Such as machine parts and guns, steel parts surface to form a layer of fine black iron oxide thin films.
4) electrochemical protection. Metal protection using the original battery principle to eliminate causes electrochemical corrosion cell reaction. Electrochemical protection laws are Anodic protection and cathodic protection method in two categories. More cathodic protection method is used.
5) to deal with the corrosive medium. Elimination of corrosive media, such as regular wipe NET hardware, placing desiccant in the precision instruments, add a little slow in the corrosive medium corrosion inhibitors.