Inverter model options

In General, the General method is as follows:
(1) General purpose inverter (only v/f control mode of the inverter). Frequency operation can meet the requirements of the machine, in most cases, you can select a general-purpose inverter. For example, coal handling machines, dyeing machines, escalator, and so on. Running characteristics are: don’t depend on mechanical properties of high speed range is not great.
For the fan, water pump secondary side load, from the point of view of energy saving, the best selection of general purpose inverter.
(2) high performance inverter. So-called high-performance inverters, inverter with vector control capabilities.
More stability for some (hard mechanical characteristics), but don’t depend on the dynamic response of a high speed range is not much of a machine, use a vector control without feedback transducer is more appropriate. For example, the production of conveyor belts.
That require a hard, mechanical properties, of dynamic response requirements are higher, and speed a wide range of machines, as well as higher operational safety requirements of machine, feedback control should be used. For example, metalcutting machine tool spindle motor, crane, etc.
(3) the inverter. Now, all kinds of special inverter means many, common:
Special inverter for fans, pumps: main features are based on the operational requirements of the fan, water pump, frequency and power frequency switching function, also has regular features such as automatic transmission or switching.
Hoist special inverter: main features are good, preventing slip hook function in conjunction with electromagnetic brake.
Winding control inverter: mainly used for all kinds of winding machine tension control.