Introduction of new metal decorative metal curtain

Metal curtain color changeable under the refraction of light, imagination, and a beautiful panoramic view. Metal curtain metal drapery and metal beads divided into two. Metal drapery is often used to cover wall decoration, Interior partition decoration decorative, column cladding and ceiling of three-dimensional ornamentation. Metal drapery transparent, pleated, allows light and air to pass through, use of light and color, imagination expand indefinitely, and any size, color is very broad.
Metal bead curtain complete color, luster is gorgeous, bright lines, can express a display changes correspond to the two-sided personality, natural and easy integration into the exhibition space, fully create a modern metal and avant-garde style. Metal bead curtain are 2.3mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0M, 8.0mm and 10MM, such as specifications, can also be customized according to requirements, materials such as copper, iron, and stainless steel, copper, nickel and chromium plating on the surface, imitation gold, bronze and coffee colors, widely used in curtains and hotel decoration.