CNC Single Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Board 4.5A for 2-phase Stepper Motor

CNC Single Axis TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver Board 4.5A
for 2-phase Stepper Motor
I. Description:
This is the latest single axis stepper motor driver. It is designed by our company in order to satisfy everyone who likes carving machine DIY. Operation voltage is 12-50V DC. It can drive two-phase stepper motor, current is 4.5A.
II. Feature:
1, Using the new bipolar constant-current chopping technique
2, with automatic half current function
3, Maximum input pulse frequency up to 15KHZ
4, Support for up to 16 segments options
5, Current 0.5 ~ 4.5 A, 8-speed adjustable function
6, beautiful shell, anodized sandblasted, laser printing.
III. Wiring Diagram
  • 1 is power supply input interface, as is shown in the picture 3, left is GND, right is VCC. Input voltage is 12~50 V.
  • STEP DIRVER PORT is interface of step motor, definition B+, B-, A+, A- from left to right.
  • CTR PORT is interface of inputting control, definition DIR- , DIR+, STEP-, STEP+, EN-, EN+ from left to right.
  • MOD SW is switch of selecting work mode, as picture 3, definition M1, M2, M3, LATCH from up to down. They control subdivision and reset mode (you should use reset mode when subdivision produce error.)
  • Attention:
As picture 3, switch dial to left is OFF, switch dial to right is ON.
  • LATCH:
ON: automatic recovery mode, OFF: recovery mode by hand.
  • CURRENT is a potentiometer of adjusting current, clockwise rotate can reduce to the min 0.5A, anticlockwise rotate can increase to the max 4.5A.
  • Touch point of detecting current, 0~4.5A current is correspond to Voltage 0~3V.
IV. Package Contents:
  • 1 x CNC Single Axis TB6600 Stepper Driver Board 4.5A
  • English Manual (Please let us know your email address, we will send it to you by email)

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