Mitsubishi plc communication test

When you are ready to communicate via AJ71QE71 before beginning GPPW communications Mitsubishi PLC’s first implementation of ping program in MS-DOS mode to check whether the connection is correct. Support through the serial port to communicate with the Wei Lun touch screen.
The following shows can communicate
C: \ ping 192. 168. 0. 2
Reply from 192. 168. 0. 2: bytes = 32 time <10ms TTL = 32
The following shows the communication can not
C: \> ping 192. 168. 0. 2
Request timed out.
If the ping does not pass, the connection between the IP address and check the cable and modules, and other settings in WINOOWs.
[Link destination specified screen]
• Ethernet module routing settings screen (only QnA series)
a) network number
Connected to Ethernet assigned a network number.
The network number must be specified by the PLC connected to the network parameters is consistent in number, and in MELSECNET / 10 and Ethernet is a unique number.
b) station number (personal computer station number)
A station number assigned to the computer for WINOOWs system. This network of Mitsubishi PLC and other computer, this number must be unique.
c) IP address
Assign an IP address for the target PLC.
d) the hostname
Specify a host name for the target PLC. The host name must be registered in the Hosts file.
Note: You must specify the target PLC IP address or host name for one.
e) Station No.
Specify the number assigned to the station AJ71QE71.
f) MNET / 10 routing information to change the system parameters.
Select a PLC network parameters specified in the same way as the path MNET / 10 path method.
g) Other stations
If you want a AJ71QE71 Mitsubishi PLC to access another PLC, please specify other target Yonghong PLC network number and station number. If the network number is not with the network AJ71QE71 the PLC directly connected, you must set the path parameter.

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