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I use GX Developer 8.5 Chinese and English is the same error

1.       When I choose FX1S for program and download OK but  If I use Y016 and Y017 the GX Developer error like FX1S.jpg picture (the address is out of range : because FX1S just support to Y015, not include Y016 and Y017)

2.       If I choose FX1N for program, I can use Y016 nad Y017 but when I download the GX Developer  error like FX1N.jpg picture (The PLC type not the same : FX1N different FX1S)

Can you help me how to use Y016 and Y017 on GX1S-32MR

New file selection

After the program finished, select Options, Changing the PLC type,select FX1S,then download.

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