New Mitsubishi FX1N-60MT PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX1N Series Good Quality FX1N-60MT-001


Product type:
FX1N-60MT-001 brand: Japan’s Mitsubishi
Output type: transistor
Customer service warranty: one year warranty
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Mitsubishi PLC FX1N series
Mitsubishi FX1N series PLC function is a very strong universal Mini PLC. FX1N series can control up to 128points, in addition to the input / output, also with analog control and communication, the link functionexpansibility. So, FX1N series can be widely used in the general control sequence.
Scale control:
24 ~128( unit:24 /40 /60)
1, integrated high performance to price ratio
CPU. Power input and output are combined into a whole.
By using the display module and function expansion board, can be very convenient to upgrade system.
In addition, can also be extended input / output and special module.
In 2, the body is small, high speed operation
Basic instruction : 0.55 ~0.7 s instruction
Application of instruction : 3.7 ~100~ s instruction
In 3, peace of mind, good memory specification
Built in8000 steps of EEPROM memory
No batteries required, maintenance easy
4, rich soft element
Auxiliary relay:1536,:256,: timer counter235
Data register:8000
In 5, the overseas products suitable for various security specifications
Positioning and pulse output functions
A FX1N Mitsubishi PLC unit can output2100KHz pulse, PLC are equipped with 7special positioning instruction, including zero return, absolute position readout, absolute or relative drive and special pulse outputcontrol.
Control scale:60 MR / MT
The built-in 2K capacity EEPROM memory, without battery, maintenance free
The CPU arithmetic processing speed of 0.55 ~0.7 S / basic instruction
The basic unit built in 2axis independent Supreme100kHz positioning function ( transistor output type )
The simple introduction
The Fx1n series PLC excellent features into a small controller.
Fx1n applies to the smallest package, to provide up to 60I / O, and through the serial communication to transmit data, so it can be used in a compact PLC cannot be applied.
The positioning and pulse function
The FX1n series PLC unit can simultaneously output2100KHz pulse, equipped with 7special positioning instruction, including zero return, absolute position readout, absolute or relative address expression as well as the special pulse output control.