Mitsubishi plc FX2N-2AD type Analog Input Module Features

FX2N-2AD Resolution 12 binary precision Mitsubishi plc analog input module
FX2N-2AD available for 2-channel voltage input (DC0-10V DC0-5V) or current input (DC4 – 20mA)

Voltage Input
Current input
Analog Input Range
DC 0-10V  DC 0 -5V
(Input Resistance200KQ)
The absolute maximum input:-0.5V +15V
DC4 – 20MA(Input Resistance250Q) The absolute maximum input:-2MA +60MA
FX2N-2ADInput Characteristics
Mixed voltage and current inputs. The same input features two channels.
Effective digital output
12 binary
2.5MV(10V x 1/4000)1.25MV (5VX 1/4000)
4MA((20-4)MAX 1/4000)
Combined accuracy
(For the full-scale10V)
(For the full-scale(20-4)MA)
Conversion speed
2.5ms/1个Channel (and sequencers synchronized action)
Isolation mode
Input and PLC’s power Using optocouplers and DC / DC converter isolation (no isolation between each input)
FX2N-2ADPower supply
DC5V 20mA(PLCInternal power supply)DC24V 50mA(PLCInternal power supply)
Input and output
Occupied points
8 channel
Mitsubishi plc applicable