LED indicator to judge by way of exception and deal with Mitsubishi PLC

1. PLC’s POWER light does not shine?
Mitsubishi PLC host and have a positive extension “POWER” of LED lights, when the host through the power, the green LED lights. If the host through the power back, this indicator is not lit, this time, set “24 +” wiring terminals of the pull, if lights are on, which means that the PLC DC load is too large, in which case, please do not use PLC “24 +” DC power terminals, please be prepared to DC24V power supply.
If “24 +” after wiring terminals are pulled out, the indicator still does not light, there may be an internal fuse had blown.
2.POWER lights flashing ?
If POWER light flashes, might be ” 24 + ” terminal and “COM” terminals shorted , set ” 24 + ” terminal wiring pulled out , if the indicator is back to normal , then please check your line . If the indicator is still flashing, it may have been inside the POWER board failure .
3. “PROG ‧ E” LED light flashes
In general, when this red LED lights flash , the majority of the program loop unreasonable situation is more, there may be another reason for parameter setting error , or external sources of noise generated content causes the program to change . If you are using a handheld programmer (FX-20P-E) recommended that you check D8004, then by checking the contents of D8004 D8060 ~ D8069, the D8060 ~ D8069 data obtained from , this is the error code.
4. “CPU ‧ E” LED lights
When “CPU ‧ E” LED lights, there may be several reasons:
( 1 ) Internal PLC conductive dust intrusion
( 2 ) When the PLC scan more than 100ms (check D8012 to know the maximum execution time )
( 3 ) There is noise near the PLC
Excluding the above-mentioned problems, and “CPU ‧ E” LED lights are still lit , then this is really the fault of the Ministry of PLC may recommend that you repair it .

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