Mitsubishi PLC program removal method

If the user has the original program Mitsubishi PLC, Mitsubishi PLC memory simply eliminate all restore factory state reimport

1 program using handheld Writer

When selecting the ONLINE mode after writing with Mitsubishi PLC connected, press the GO button, the screen will prompt the user to enter a password, then need to press the SP button 8 times, then press the GO button 3 times, this way, Mitsubishi PLC on reply to the factory state, as long as the original program and then imported Mitsubishi PLC can.

2 If you use the following Mitsubishi FX2N PLC, you can use the DOS version V2.0 or later
By 7,5,3, the screen appears again at the options in the MODE window, over the next button to select ‘MEMORYALLCLEAR’ and press ‘Enter’ button, so that Mitsubishi PLC internal memory will be cleared. Then the user within the original program can import Mitsubishi PLC.