Mitsubishi PLC programming software GX-DEVELOPER-C installation method

1 : If you previously installed Mitsubishi software must first register and then delete the old software off the old registration documents
Delete method : ① Open the Start → Run → type REGEDIT point to determine open registry manually look for the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ MITSUBISHI
②, the MITSUBISHI free to change the name , press F5 to refresh the OK and then reinstall new software ( of course, if you install Mitsubishi’s other software , that do not give the other deleted oh )
2: The first run EnvMEL file SETUP program ;
3 : The Last Run folder SETUP1 (setup);
4: The installation process does not select the option to install monitoring ( if you are not familiar with the installation process , then the best direct click Next, uncheck other options ) ;
5: After installing the software, you can install the simulation , the simulation needs please ask us ;
6: The installation process simulation software programming software and try to choose the default path ( that is preferably mounted on the C drive ) ;
7: After installing the software, a lot of people do not see a shortcut , you can click:
Begin >>> program >>> MELSOFT >>> GX DEVELOPER find shortcuts ;
8: Install the available serial number 570-986818410