Siemens 224XP how to modify the baud rate

I use PC / PPI CABLE Cable CPU baud rate is 187.5k,
Again, I use the PC / PPI CABLE cable communications when it is not connected to the CPU And prompts lower baud rate, how to modify the CPU 9.6K baud rate
A: The cable does not support the baud rate of 187.5K
The solution
1, find a support 187.5k cables, rear and PLC connection, the system blocks the baud rate modify.

2, use wipeout.exe program to restore the factory settings of CPU:

Execution of the program “wipeout.exe” not only delete user programs and CPU will revert to the default settings, the network address: 2, Baud Rate: 9.6K.

Note: wipeout.exe software can not be used in conjunction with USB/PPI cable.
Siemens offers a wipeout.exe program can remove programs, and password´╝îrestore the factory communication baud rate can be downloaded online from Siemens.

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